Bartolome Sureda y Miserol

This painting is an interpretation of the original oil on canvas painted by Francisco de Goya that is on display at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC.

Guglielmo, Eugenio
Italian American, 19nn – 20nn

Interpretation of “Bartolome Sureda y Miserol”
acrylic on canvas
overall: 91.44 x 60.64 cm (36 x 23 7/8 in).

The curiosity for this study was to transform realism to post-impressionism in some manner and examine the response from the audience. Goya’s work was dark, hence the starting point was to reverse and brighten the painting, in essence, making it more cheerful. The change in color of the overcoat was the first step. Next was getting away from an accurate representation of the face by blending in some ideas borrowed from Cezanne, but instead of a dreary face, liven it up a bit. The near solid looking background wouldn’t work. So transplant him to the late 19th century in Brooklyn standing in front of a brownstone. Then to finish it up, add some wind as found in the works of Monet and Degas.