The Lute Player

This painting is an interpretation of the original oil on canvas painted by Orazio Gentileschi that is on display at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC.

The Lute Player
Guglielmo, Eugenio
Italian American, 19nn – 20nn

Interpretation of “The Lute Player”
acrylic on canvas
overall: 91.44 x 63.50 cm (36 x 25 in).

The curiosity for this study was to move one’s focus of attention from the violin in the original painting to the figure itself. That shift entailed enhancing an aspect of the figure – the dress with its many folds. Late Renaissance colors were replaced with the complementary colors of orange and blue, along with the split complement of green. The background was replaced by the background from Degas’ Four Dancers. The tablecloth was then removed to highlight wood tones make from blending orange with the blues/greens.